Five of the Council’s members can choose to completely block any action they are not satisfied with. In doing so they fail to prevent crises and conflicts.

Stop Illegitimate Vetoes is a campaign meant to stop that.

We want a guarantee from the five permanent members of the Security Council who hold the veto power that they will not use the veto unless a proposed resolution poses an immediate threat to their security or sovereignty.


What is an illegitimate veto?

We argue that the veto was introduced so that the permanent members could protect their security and sovereignty – and for that reason only. our research suggests that the veto is used to protect fringe interests rather than core concerns.

We lay out a simple recommendation to the permanent five members: you may use the veto, but only in cases when not doing so would jeopardize the fundamental security or sovereignty of your state.

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Stop Illegitimate Vetoes is a campaign run by the Challenge Group, a non-profit organization based in Sweden. The Challenge group is a politically and religiously independent. Through the Stop Illegitimate Vetoes campaign, the Challenge Group aims to raise public awareness of the Security Council’s veto to change its use. 

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“Security Council considers situation in Middle East (Yemen)”” by UN Photo/Manuel Eliás 2019. Unique Identifier UN738175.

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