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The Clash with the Charter

In the final part of our podcast series we highlight one of the biggest failures in the history of the UN. A conflict that raise emotions in many of us, but no matter which side you take or if you chose not to take sides at all, there is one undeniable fact: THE INFLUENCE OF THE VETO in the Israeli–Arab conflict.


Download the transcript as a PDF-version: Episode 6 – The Clash with the Charter, or read the full transcript of the episode below: (more…)

Core Concerns

In today’s episode of The Veto Cast we highlight the concept of Core Concerns. This is a formulation created by Stop Illegitmate Vetoes to define on what grounds a veto can be used legitimately.

The core concerns of a state is to remain secure for its citizens while being recognized as a sovereign country. A malicious Security Council without the veto could, in a worst case scenario, challenge a state’s security and sovereignty through actions and decisions. The veto was put in place to guarantee the permanent members that this would not happen – but today, the veto is used for many more reasons than to protect the core concerns.

In the case of Ukraine the veto was not in line with neither core concerns nor the UN charter. The motives behind the veto and what Russia frames as national interests is explained by Elena Namli, professor of ethics at Uppsala University. With the help of Eduard Dyachuk we explore the complicated relationship between Ukraine and Russia.

Join the veto cast as we we guide you on the complicated road of international law.


Download the transcript as a PDF-version: Episode 5 – Core Concerns, or read the full transcript of the episode below: (more…)

The Responsibility to Protect

Over 4 million people have fled Syria, 320 000 have been killed. The actual number is probably even higher, but this episode is not about numbers. Instead we tell you what could have been done, but tragically was not. We give you the story of how the UN and the international community have failed in their responsibility to protect the Syrian people. Syrian journalist Qais Fares tells the story of how his work was made possible only by the presence of UN observers. The UN mission was in turn made possible by the passing of Resolution 2043. However, four critical resolutions were not passed because of ILLEGITIMATE VETOES.


Download the transcript as a PDF-version: Episode 3 – The Responsibility to Protect, or read the full transcript of the episode below: (more…)

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